Welcome to The English Scole!

Hi! Welcome to my teaching site. My name is Becky, and I am here to help you improve your English.

English has become the world’s lingua franca. That means that people whose mother tongue isn’t English are using the language to communicate worldwide in professional and personal contexts. These people frequently sit exams to obtain English certificates which often aren’t enough to get the verbal proficiency they seek.

And I get it! To reach that kind of proficiency, learners need to be regularly in touch with the language, ideally by living in a country where they speak it. However, many English learners don’t get that chance and end up feeling inadequate or embarrassed when talking to more competent speakers.

That’s where The English Scole comes in! The English Scole is an online school whose main objective is to help English learners improve their verbal skills.

So whether you are a professional interested in promoting your business and talking to international coworkers and customers, or you just want to become a fluent and confident English speaker, you might want to have a look at my lesson packages. I am sure you’ll find a suitable one for you.

The first lesson will be free!

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